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Stacey Cox

Hope Fellowship Mission – Gainesville, GA

Rev. Dr. Stacey Cox

Having pastored Westminster PCA in Gainesville for over seven years, the Coxes are well acquainted with the area, and maintain many valued friendships.  Over the exploratory year, they prayerfully plan to re-engage the community by networking and service. Prayerfully, by the end of the year, a number of core families and individuals will come alongside to see ‘Hope Fellowship Presbyterian’ birthed.

Stacey has been working in ordained ministry since 2001.  In an earlier life, he spent a season in trucking and logistics management before finally surrendering to God’s call to the full-time ministry.  He and His wife Allison have previously been involved in planting two churches: one Southern Baptist (Camden, SC) and an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hillsborough, NC). Stacey is an affable, no-nonsense pastor with strong evangelistic skills, who has a proven track record in mission and leadership development, with a passion to see Jesus build out of nothing a new body of people. They have three children: Anna Cox Ezelle (24) Seth (20) and Jessi (18).

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