Every garden began as a seed.

And at Outreach North America, we provide the support you need to vitalize the church you’re leading — or to plant the ministry your community needs. Our services help you transform your ministry through biblical strategies that look and think forward to the growth of the Gospel.

It all comes down to the Word.

What is most important is the Message of the Gospel, from death to life eternal. Our mission at ONA is to provide a strong foundation for spreading the Word of God through prayer, outreach, evangelism, and discipleship.

Your mission is ours.

Planting churches isn’t about throwing money and resources at an area and hoping for the best. It’s about empowering you to honor our sovereign God by connecting with your culture. At ONA, our mission is to help plant and support mission congregations — so that communities can grow and thrive as a result.

Think forward to move forward.

We offer a gamut of tools and resources. ONA offers a specialized vision process that helps your church identify areas of improvement and help you create a plan to vitalize and energize your every moment. Not only do we want to help figure out who you are, we want to help you figure out who you’re here to serve.

Our Services.


ONA is dedicated to supporting mission congregations nationwide. Learn more about how we help cultivate incredible congregations in hundreds of neighborhoods across North America America.


Find out how we can develop and implement strategies to enhance the vitality and the long-term health of your ministry.


ONA can help you develop a strategy for spreading the message of God by embracing, equipping, and engaging all who are called to serve.

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