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Church Planters

Standing With Church Planters & Their Families

As They Labor for the Kingdom

Outreach North America assists Presbyteries to cultivate incredible ARP congregations in hundreds of neighborhoods across North America.

When you plant with the ARP Church, you gain an invaluable network of support that is personalized and committed to your success. Thanks to our size, the ARPC is able to love, value, and support our church planters and their families in a unique way.

An Unmatched Level of Support

With only around 270 congregations spread across 10 presbyteries in the U.S. and Canada, we’re able to give you the attention and care you deserve. Our ethos as a denomination means that you will always be on our radar and on our hearts; you will be well known and cared for by both your Presbytery and by Outreach North America.

We understand that as a church planter, you will invest your heart and years of ministry into your work. In return, we will invest in you and your family through:

  • Prayer support
  • National exposure through monthly prayer newsletters
  • Assessment for ministry at our expense
  • Training and Coaching
  • Annual retreats for you and your spouse
  • Administrative support
  • Financial support
  • Connectional leadership

Why Plant With the ARPC?

Testimonials from Past and Current Planters
Meet Our Church Planters

The Church Planting Process


Presbytery Referral

In order to plant with the ARP, one of our ten Presbyteries will need to endorse you. If you are not currently a member of the ARP, ONA will introduce you to the most appropriate Presbytery for an interview. Once interviewed and referred by the Presbytery, you may begin preparing for assessment.



Each candidate and their spouse are required to participate in a four-day, three-night Church Planter’s Assessment. This assessment will evaluate you and your spouse to determine if you have the gifts necessary for church planting.



After your assessment, results will be sent to your Presbytery. You will receive a recommendation either to pursue church planting or to pursue different avenues of ministry.


ONA Orientation

Once assessed and approved, you will meet with the Church Extension Committee of their Presbytery, ONA staff, and the ARP Foundation to discuss getting started, funding, and other expectations. We will provide integral support so that you are well-equipped to enter your explorer year.


Explorer Year

During the explorer year of church planting, you will develop a core group, receive prayer support, and learn the core competencies of church planting. You will also be expected to participate in a monthly Zoom call with ONA’s Director and other church planters, an annual church planter’s retreat, and the Pathway Learning online curriculum for church planting.

With our support and these resources at your disposal, you are expected to come out of your explorer year with a church plant proposal to submit to your Presbytery and the ONA Board for approval.


Church Planting

After your proposal has been approved, you’ll officially be on your way to planting a church. Your church plant will be funded by ONA for up to three years, during which you’ll have a church planting coach who you can rely on for strategic direction, prayer, and accountability.

Is Church Planting for You?

Review The ARPC Requirements

First and foremost, ARPC planters must:

  • Hold a Masters of Divinity degree (with Greek and Hebrew) from an accredited and approved seminary
  • Commit to and clearly articulate Reformed theology
  • Be ordained or be willing to become ordained in the ARPC
  • Actively participate in our denominational ministries

Beyond the above qualifications, we also ask you to prayerfully consider whether planting a church in the ARP is a good fit for you. Even with ONA’s support, it takes a special level of discipline to persevere through the church planting process. Some questions you may want to ask yourself include:

Do you have a demonstrable record of discerning God’s vision for His church at a particular place and time?

Are you skilled at preaching sermons that are focused, structured, and applicable with conviction and passion?

Are you truly committed to Kingdom advancement through church multiplication?

Do you and your spouse wholeheartedly agree that God has called you to plant a church?

Take the Self Assessment

Do you think the Lord may be leading you to become a church planter? Our self-assessment can assist you in understanding how well your present experience, training, and gifts equip you for planting a church in the ARPC.


Want to Learn More About Church Planting?

If you’ve taken our self-assessment and feel strongly that the Lord is calling you to be a church planter, we’d love to hear from you to discuss next steps.

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