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Outreach North America Events

Each year, we host events that are designed to lead people closer to the Lord. These events are testaments to our commitment to spreading the Word of Jesus Christ. We are constantly learning, growing, serving, and equipping others to share the Good News.

  1. How can we help a non-Christian (neighbor) participate meaningfully in the life of our church?
  2. How can we make sure our message, the gospel, is as clear and intelligible as possible to a non-Christian (neighbor), understanding that Satan works to blind their eyes?
  3. How can we help our members feel comfortable and compelled to invite a non-Christian (neighbor) to our church?

We invite leaders of existing churches who are interested in or curious about church planting, as well as men who want to explore opportunities in church planting you join us for a free breakfast at Bonclarken hosted by ONA.

  • Mark Forbes will speak about mother-daughter church planting,
  • Mike Chipman will speak about bi-vocational church planting, and
  • Stacey Cox will speak about planting a church from scratch.
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