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Mark Soud

St. Augustine Presbyterian Church

St. Augustine, FL


Pastor Mark Soud serves as the church planter for St. Augustine Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. Prior to church planting with the ARP, Mark served as the Associate Pastor of Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Jose, CA, after serving as a revitalizer for Redeemer OPC in Birmingham, Alabama, into which role he was ordained by the Presbytery of the South of the OPC in 2015.

Between seminary (Knox Theological Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and his internship in Phoenix, AZ, Mark spent most of his time working as a bank teller and account specialist. He also spent a year during this interim at LeTourneau University pursuing a missionary aviation degree, during which time his sense of calling into the pastoral ministry was sharpened.

During a break from seminary, the Lord blessed Mark, the visionary, with Karissa, the planner and detail person, and the Lord has blessed them with four children: Gabriel, Miriam, Abraham, and Anavah. They have a pound puppy named Odie, who believes he is a 70-pound lap dog. Karissa’s professional background is in education. She was teaching 5th-grade deaf students at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind when she and Mark met, and she has worked in education throughout most of their married life.

A native of Jacksonville, FL, Mark, and his family spent a lot of time in St. Augustine as he was growing up. His parents moved to St. Augustine when he was a junior in college. The Souds are happy to be back home for this next season of their life, which they are hoping is a long season.

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