5 Phases of Church Revitalization

Phase 1 – Aligning Perception: The process begins with assessment that enables church leaders to align their perception of the church with reality.  Phase 1 puts reality in view, identifying where the church is on the church lifecycle and why it is where it is.

Phase 2 – Aligning Vision:
The vision of church leaders for their churches must be in alignment with God’s vision for the church.  This is a matter of knowing the biblical purpose of the church and discerning how that vision is to be applied in the context of a particular church in a particular community at the present time.  Phase 2 provides guiding questions, concepts and tools to bring about this alignment.

Phase 3 – Aligning Strategy: Strategy provides the “how” of revitalization as in “How will this vision be accomplished?”   Strategy must flow out of the discerned vision with no wasted effort or resources being given to actions that are not in alignment with vision.

Phase 4 – Aligning Structure: Structure concerns the supporting mechanisms of a church including such elements as staff, payroll, budgets, finances, buildings, property, policies, procedures, boards, committees, and teams.  Decision-making and resource allocation are targeted on the strategies that have been developed to fulfill the vision.

Phase 5 – Aligning People: The King James Version of Proverbs tells us that without a vision the people will perish.  However, the reverse is also true; without the people a vision will perish.  Phase 5 aligns people with the vision, strategy and structure.  The people in view are both those inside the church and newcomers that will come to the church as the fruit of the revitalized vision.

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