While not each of the 63 million refugees worldwide will be resettled in North America, some will. These are families originating from countries like Estonia and Burma and are often Christian families escaping persecution from Muslim or Hindu majorities. However they may have become a refugee, what matters most is that each one is a person made in the image of our Creator and begs the question:

What Can We Do?

Refugee Ministry Coordinator (RMC)

Our Synod desires to act and we have responded with a full time Refugee Ministry Coordinator (RMC) to help our churches address the particular ministry opportunity presented to us by international refugees located in our communities. The RMC is available to all of our churches and presbyteries.

Nations to Neighbors

With no foreseeable end in sight to the conflicts displacing refugees, they will continue to come to us. The primary goal of the RMC is to facilitate a two-pronged ministry to refugees that every ARP Church can implement under the guise of Nations to Neighbors:

Introducing the Refugee Ministry Coordinator

My name is Elinor Griffin, and I am so excited to be starting in the new role of Refugee Ministry Coordinator for ONA.

Refugee work became a calling dear to my heart a few years ago when I was able to meet and work with some refugee families in Baltimore. I am so grateful that the Lord has now seen fit to bring together two of my loves – refugees and the ARP Church. I can’t wait to see what He has planned, and I also look forward to getting to know many of you in the coming months!

Have Questions about Nations to Neighbors?