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Jay Crout is a native of Greenville, SC. He is a graduate of JL Mann High School (2003) and Clemson University (2006 and 2008) where he competed on the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team for five years. After working for 3 ½ years in corporate sales, Jay received a calling from the Lord to attend seminary in the Fall of 2011. He enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte) in 2012 and recently graduated with his Master of Divinity in May 2015.

During seminary, Jay served in both an informal and formal capacity at the Greenville ARP Church which culminated in a 17-month internship from February 2014-June 2015. He successfully completed ONA’s Church Planting Assessment Center in March 2015 and began his work as a Mission Developer Intern in July 2015. His position combines three of his greatest passions: church planting, the ARP Denomination, and the city of Greenville.

Position Summary and Objectives

Jay’s Mission Developer Internship is specifically designed to result in a new ARP church plant in the Greater Greenville area. Beginning on August 3, 2015, Jay will set out on a 40-week plan to do four simple things:


  • Determine the specific plans for this church plant, compiling everything in a report for approval by Outreach North America and the Second Presbytery of the ARP Denomination at their respective meetings in June 2016.
  • Determine and cultivate distinctive qualities of this church plant to compliment other ARP and Reformed churches in the Greenville, SC area.
  • Gather a strong core group of believing Christians who have been specifically called to help plant this church.
  • Raise the necessary funds to ensure strong sustainability during the first three years of the church plant.



Many of the specific aspects of this church plant (i.e. location, worship style, etc.) will be determined throughout his internship, so please check back regularly to see how things are progressing!

Prayer Requests

Matching with the above objectives for Jay’s 40 week plan:


  • Clarity of vision as Jay puts together this comprehensive plan.
  • Wisdom and discernment in choosing the distinctive qualities of this church plant.
  • God’s working and calling in the hearts of those believers who the Lord has equipped to be a part of this church planting team.
  • The Lord’s provision for this church plant.


In the past ten years...

ONA has financially supported 27 interns who served at local churches
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