“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead.”

2 Thessalonians 3:1

Meet the Wheelers


In October, 2016, Pastor Wheeler was called to serve as a Church Planter and Pastor of the River City Reformed Church in Little Rock.

Pastor Wheeler has studied at Erskine College, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary and Erskine Theological Seminary.  He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry at the Institute for Reformed Worship at Erskine Theological Seminary.

A native of Atlanta, Pastor Wheeler spent 16 years as a software engineer before entering full-time ministry.   In addition to his role as pastor and church planter, Pastor Wheeler also works as a part-time Chaplain with Arkansas Hospice.  He is married to Melanie Oates Wheeler who grew up in Pottsville.   They have seven children, Isabella, Emma, Joshua, Helena, Elijah, Noah and Naomi.   Melanie is a keeper at home and home educator.

The Wheeler’s enjoy crossfit, camping, traveling, birdwatching and gardening.

What is the Mission Statement of River City Reformed Church?

River City Reformed is a confessionally Reformed Church committed to reaching Little Rock with the hope of the Gospel through authentic community, faithful teaching and preaching, biblical worship and meaningful ministry.

Prayer Requests

I. Growth and development of the core group through hospitality, discipleship, spiritual care, mutual prayer support and encouragement, and shared meaningful ministry together.

II. Shared vision within the core group for planting a Reformed Church committed to ordinary means evangelism, confessionally Reformed worship and family-integrated ministry, worship and discipleship.

III. For expansion of influence through personal contacts, hospitality, pastoral care, wise use of social media, and divine appointments.

IV. For sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to define and refine our methodology, strategy and promotion.

V. For increased partnership between the Synod and River City Reformed through prayer, direct participation, promotion and financial support.

In the past ten years...

ONA has financially supported 27 interns who served at local churches
before going on to lead in the church in some capacity for a total of


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