“We strive to engage with the needs of the Clayton community in the unique ways that God has qualified us.”

Meet the Kunkels


Ken Kunkel grew up in Flint, Michigan, and entered the U.S. Marine Corps immediately after graduation from high school in 1986. After serving in the Marine Corps for nearly eleven years, Ken was honorably discharged in 1997, and currently serves as an Army Reserve Chaplain. Ken graduated from Erskine Theological Seminary (M.Div 2011) and was ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in April of 2012. Ken has served as the Senior Pastor of Covenant ARP Church in Jacksonville, NC and received the call to be the church planter of Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church in January 2015.

Ken’s wife, Laura, was born in Augusta, Georgia, but spent much of her childhood on the Ivory Coast, Africa, where her parents were medical missionaries. Laura is a graduate of Calvin College and received her Master of Public Administration from the University of Michigan. Ken and Laura have three children: Alayna (13), Austin (11) and Aiden (9).

What is the Vision for Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church?

To be a dynamic community of spiritually strong disciples of Christ who worship God with biblical faithfulness and zeal, nurture one another in the faith, bear witness to the Gospel, and exhibit grace to all people.

Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church is committed to core values that manifest our mission through growth and engagement in for directions: upward, inward, outward and forward.  We do this through God-glorifying and word focused worship, cultivating mature believers, forming a genuine Christian fellowship, being focused on both local and global evangelism and finally, by being committed to long term growth strategies to be continually planting new congregations.

Prayer Requests

  1. The distribution of our “Invite Cards”

  2. That the Lord would bring us new visitors

  3. Opportunities to connect with residents in the nearby neighborhoods

  4. Development of our Youth Ministry

  5. Fruitfulness of our current sermon series

  6. Financial needs

  7. That the Lord would “grant to your servants to continue to speak

    your word with all boldness” (Acts 4:29)

  8. A new pianist and people to join our music ministry

In the past ten years...

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