Faith in Action – Day 28

June 28
Zack Padgett
University of Oklahoma
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Norman, OK)

As I consider the command to pursue justice, mercy, and faithfulness and how the Lord has
chosen to use me in my college years, the area of faithfulness is really what comes to mind.
Particularly, faithfulness to Him and His commission to reach the nations with His gospel.

When I became a believer after high school, the commission, “go and tell,” was simply soaked
in the pages of the New Testament. I knew that it was for me, but I didn’t know how I was meant
to live it out. Does this mean I should drop out of college and move overseas? Does this mean I
should stay in college and reach fellow students with the gospel at a critical time in their lives?
These were all questions that I asked the Lord during the infancy of my relationship with Him
and are questions that I hope I never stop asking him.

One way the Lord chose to answer those questions was to lead me to spend a summer in
Moscow, Russia sharing the gospel with college students. He showed me how to be faithful with
one summer, in one way for His glory. I stress that this was only a small act of faithfulness
because I am not “off the hook” in the faithfulness department because I spent one small
summer solely pursuing the Great Commission. No, instead I have the joy of, along with every
other believer, asking the Lord those same questions each and every day for the rest of my walk
with Him. This was a growing experience because the Lord showed me that He delights to
answer the question, “How have you called me to be faithful to you right now?” by leading me to
the work that He had set aside for me to do in the summer. Now I get to ask this question
expectantly, knowing and believing that the Lord will continue to lead me, empower me, and
enable me to be faithful with the Great Commission.