Faith in Action – Day 22

June 22
Anna Meberg
Denver, Colorado

Sometimes living out our faith and “doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with our
God” looks differently than we might expect.

At the Denver International Airport, there was a man being held there simply because he was
from the “wrong country” and had travelled on the same day a law prohibiting entrance from
specific countries began to be enforced. This man had all the required papers to enter our
country, but the authorities in the airport had their orders. Word soon got out to the public about
this unfair situation, and people began to come to the airport, protesting his detention.

At the time, we were also helping with the Iranian Church of Colorado. Iran happened to be one
of the countries on the no-entry list. As a family, we went and protested because it could easily
have been one of our Iranian friends from church who was detained in the airport. Whether or
not the policy was right was not the question – there were people who had been detained
returning to their home because there had been no warning before the law started to be

The following morning when we went to the Iranian Church, our friends were so thankful. They
said, “Thank you for loving our people. Thank you for noticing our people.” We were also
relieved to know that all of our people were safe – none of them had been travelling and none of
them had been caught at airports.

Years ago, my own family was denied permission to live in a country that we loved. My mom still
talks about how our neighbors demonstrated love to us when they advocated on our behalf.
When a person is being treated unjustly, we can love them by speaking up for them.

We act out our faith when we do something based on what we believe. I believe that people
should not be judged because of where they were born. I also believe that we demonstrate love
when we speak up for people who are not being treated justly.