Evangelism Emphasis Month – Day 26, 2018

September 26
Rev. Greg Conover

Luke 15:1-2

Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him. And the
Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with

Part Two: Due Diligence

As we daily run to Jesus and go deeper and deeper into His life, death and resurrection
for us, we will start to see our neighbors differently. We will see them more than an
evangelistic project but as real people made in His image, worthy of dignity and respect.
And as such we will want to get to know them. We need to get to know them.
Evangelism is a slow process of prayer, words and ministry to those who are lost. The
reality is, evangelism is more of a process than an event.

So we must do some Due Diligence. What I mean by this is we must spend time with
those outside of Christ. If we only have Christian friends, we aren’t walking where Jesus
walked (Luke 15:1-3). And when we do this Due Diligence, it’s about finding out about
them. Meeting them where they are at this point and time. They won’t think Biblically,
they won’t act like a Christian and will probably talk like a sailor. So what? Love them.
Find out their stories. Find out what they think, what questions are they asking and why
they believe the way they do. Our churches should be filled with the very people who
ran to Jesus; the outcast and “sinners” (that is all there are!). This was Paul’s story in
Acts 17. He did Due Diligence before talking to the people of Athens. He affirmed them,
loved them and then told them about his amazing Savior who had answers to the
questions they were asking.

We are to spend time and hear the questions our neighbors, friends, co-workers,
students, and families are asking. Love them as Christ first loved us. Dine with them as
Christ dined with the tax collectors and prostitutes. (To get a “contemporary” view of
this, read Rosaria Butterfield’s writing on her conversion and the need for our call to
Due Diligence – getting to know our neighbors: https://rosariabutterfield.com/the-gospelcomes-