What is Church Vitality?

Vitality is related to life, health, and energy. Church vitality is church health. One measure of church vitality is increasing ministry capacity over time.  Ministry capacity is a reflection of both the quality of ministry and the quantity of ministry being done through the church.

Revitalization, or renewal, is needed to maintain church vitality. As a result of living in a fallen world, vitality tends to decrease over time.  But as vitality decreases, the severity of the remedy required to restore vitality increases.

Revitalization is much more accessible from a position of strength than from a position of weakness, especially when a moderate revitalization treatment is appropriate.  So why don’t churches turn to revitalization sooner rather than later?  It’s because church leaders are reluctant to tamper with ministry that’s working, choosing to rest on their laurels rather that fix what’s not broken.  However, preemptive revitalization makes the most sense and creates the greatest ministry impact.


Ministry Matrix Explained

The Ministry Matrix tool is designed to help you take your vision of ministry and implement a repeatable and sustainable strategy to achieve your stated goals. It is a global tool- meaning that it is to be used for individual components of your church’s programs and culture as well as how those individual ministries interact with the overall vision, strategy and culture of your church.

About the tool“Everything you do tells someone something about you.” Ed Stetzer

As you engage the five questions that are on the top of the ministry matrix, please consider carefully each category. These questions are designed to let you clearly articulate your ministry focus, learn from others, examine your own culture and strategy for ministry and approach your ministry values with confidence and conviction.

Who are we called to reach? “For He who worked through Peter for his apostolic ministry to the circumcised worked also through me for mine to the Gentiles.” (Gal. 2:8 ESV)…

What is Revitalization?

Church Lifecycle.

The lifecycle of a church is something we have seen and come to understand after years of study and observation.

Phases of Revitalization.

ONA can help you revitalize your congregation to become a more energetic and evangelical group of individuals actively seeking community.

Rev. Wayne Frazier provides training and consulting in church renewal through on-site events, online seminars, and ongoing phone and email consultation.
Connect with Wayne directly at: 864-467-1800 | wayne@arpsynod.org

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