Church Planting Assessment Center

The CPAC (church planting assessment center) is held once or twice a year and is a four-day event where a team of assessors with experience in church planting will observe you through a series of church planting exercises.

The assessors will be evaluating you concerning some of the specific competencies that are needed in church planting.

At the end of the CPAC event you will get feedback through an interview and a follow-up letter.

Church planters for missions receiving funding from ONA must either be approved by a CPAC, or they must be experienced church planters with demonstrated church planting competencies.

Candidates for CPAC must be prescreened and recommended by one of our ten presbyteries. They may then request a CPAC application from the office of ONA, and if approved, they will be scheduled to attend.

Is Church Planting for Me?

Do you think the Lord may be leading you to become a church planter?
If so take the self assessment test as a preliminary step.

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