March 6
Rev. Bob Hovey
Jacksonville, FL
Romans 10:15b

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

How much duller would the world be if it were only one color? All blue? All green? What
if you opened a box of crayons only to find 35 crayons of the same color? How
disappointing! If the Lord were to “open the top” off our churches today, what would
He find? Our churches should reflect our communities, but if our community is all one
race, maybe we’ll have to go beyond our community “walls” to reach the lost of another
race. Jesus certainly left His “comfort zone” to do the same!

“People (all people) don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” I like to
spell “care” like this… “t – i – m- e.” By spending time with others in “their world,” in their
homes, with their family and friends, we demonstrate the loving outreach of Jesus

The ministry will be messy when differences in backgrounds, education, experiences,
and family dynamics come together. But, in so many ways we are similar to one another
as pilgrims in a foreign land.

At our mission church we used to say, “Stand up, look around you, THIS is what heaven
will look like – a box of crayons – isn’t it beautiful?!”

Pray that God would give you the opportunity to meet someone new, someone who
doesn’t look like you. Open your eyes, your ears, your hearts – you will see them, He will
bring them to you.

Questions for Further Study
1. What does today’s passage teach us about the character of God?
2. What are some other passages of Scripture that also teach us this?
3. How does today’s passage and devotion lead you to pray? How does it lead you
to act?