June 15
Rev. Josh Grimm
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) Campus Minister
Queens University of Charlotte

Lessons from the Church from RUF Campus Ministry
I’m thankful to be serving as an RUF campus minister sent by First Presbytery for many
reasons. But one thing I’m especially excited about is how RUF, unique among campus
ministries as one officially sent by the Church, can serve and encourage the Church. Here are two simple ministry lessons I’ve been learning that I hope can also challenge and encourage you:

1) Know your surroundings
My son Isaac will turn 2 this month. He easily bumps into things and falls over because he
doesn’t look around or notice my foot (sorry, son!). In campus ministry there are a lot of two-year-old moments as we figure things out! In order to effectively gather students and equip them to love their campus within the limited time frame of a school year, we have to be very aware of our cultural and relational surroundings. In Acts 17:16-34, Paul urgently picks up on his surroundings in Athens and finds an opening to share the gospel. At Queens University, we’re learning how to speak into a campus culture focused on achievement, community, and diversity.

For Reflection:
● What can you do to better understand the culture of your neighborhood, workplace, and
the community surrounding your church? What’re some characteristics of those
● How would a better grasp of those people and cultures help you more effectively share
your faith?

2) Be ready to coach up
In RUF we’re continually identifying and training leaders. A distinctive of RUF is sending an ordained, seminary-trained pastor to campus with the mission of “reaching students for Christ and equipping students to serve.” In keeping with Ephesians 4:12, we want to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” for the long haul of the Christian life, training students to lead Bible studies, fellowship groups, and intentionally meet with their peers. Our prayer is that we are raising up future leaders for the Church!

Investing in young people and coaching them up for age-appropriate leadership and service
always involves risks and messiness. But equipping younger generations is part of how the
Church grows “to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13).

For Reflection:
● How can you take appropriate risks in developing leaders, whether in your church or in
raising up your children?
● If you’re a church leader, are you looking to see who’s on your “bench” of future servant

Rev. Josh Grimm is an ARP minister in First Presbytery and the planter/campus minister of RUF at Queens University of Charlotte. He’s married to Ashley, a pediatric nurse, and they have two children, Isaac (2) and Ruby (4 months). You can email him at josh.grimm@ruf.org, follow RUF at Queens on Facebook and Instagram @queensruf, and find more information at

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