September 21
Rev. Ken Kunkel
Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church, Clayton, NC

Romans 9:15

“I will have mercy on whom I have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I have

One of the most frustrating things about being a church planter is seeing lost souls
come into your mission work and than not respond to the Gospel. They are sometimes
with us for a period of time and hear the Gospel time after time. We even visit them in
their homes and in the hospital. We commit to taking them through parts of the Bible for
weeks and even months, but still after all of these efforts they still don’t surrender
themselves to Christ and they simply leave and don’t return. It’s easy to become
discouraged and question your calling and the work that is being done.

I recall an old friend, who was on the mission field to Muslims, once told me that he was
so glad that he was reformed and believed in the doctrine of election. He shared with
me that time after time he shared the Gospel with these Muslims and almost every time
he was rejected and often spit upon. He said if he didn’t believe in God’s sovereignty in
election he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because salvation would than be up to
him. If that would be the case than he needed to sleep less and work harder. Every
minute wasted could be a soul lost forever. He continually had to remind himself
through the adversity and rejection that God is sovereign over all things, even salvation.

We who are on the frontlines need to remind ourselves that God is the one who calls
people to Himself and regenerates their hearts. He is the only one who saves. It is
liberating to come to the realization that we are simply called to be faithful as we
carryout the command to make disciples of all nations. God takes care of the rest. But
that also means that when our ministry is flourishing, the church is growing and people
are responding, God is the only one that receives any of the glory.

September 21, 2018

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