September 18
Rev. Justin Westmoreland
John 20:21

“As the Father sent me, I am sending you.”

Jesus’ work is gospel. He fully completed all of his work on behalf of his people to
forgive and constitute their righteousness so they could all be at peace with his Father.
After finishing everything he was sent to do, and being sent to the tomb and then rising
from the dead by his power, John 20:21 tells us that Jesus sent. Sent to do what? To
tell the gospel.

The gospel is done; the telling has commenced. Jesus’ work is gospel. Christians are
sent to proclaim the gospel and pray for others to receive the Holy Spirit’s application of
the gospel.

This is evangelism, a fancy church word for “telling the gospel to others and asking
them to believe it.” We are sent, not to be the savior, but to proclaim and point skeptics
to our savior and Jesus “shows up” and gives people ears to hear the gospel (Matthew

Following John 20:21, immediately after the resurrected Jesus’ sent his disciples, they
went and told the gospel (that Jesus is alive again) to a friend, Thomas. Thomas didn’t
believe at first, but then Jesus appeared. As those who are sent by the Sent One, we go
and tell the gospel. Skeptics, like Thomas, will believe the gospel when Jesus appears
to them in conjunction with your telling. Go and tell. In John 20:29, Jesus promises
blessing to those who will hear and believe in him through those who are sent. You and
I live in the age of evangelism.

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