September 27
Rev. Howard Wheeler
Nehemiah 2:18, 3:23, 4:6

And they said, “Let us rise up and build…” Benjamin and Hasshub repaired opposite
their house. After them Azariah… repaired beside his own house. So we built the wall.
And all the wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.

Alexander Maclaren, commenting on this, observed:

“We are … tempted in the face of large challenges, to look for heroic and large
remedies, and to invoke corporate action, which is easier for most of us than the
personal effort that is required. Somebody should do something! Government should do
something. This or that aggregate of men should do something. And the individual
calmly and comfortably slips his neck out of the collar and leaves it on the shoulders of

These words form a ringing indictment of our hesitancy to accept personal responsibility
for evangelism.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven….and every little bit of the dough as it received
into itself the leaven and was transformed became a medium for transmitting the
transformation to the next particle beyond it. All can preach who can say, ‘We have
found the Christ.’

Nehemiah gives a compelling picture of this. As the men of Jerusalem rebuild the wall,
they do not seek bids from local contractors or short-term mission teams from Babylon.
Each man accepts responsibility for the wall “beside his own house.” Pastors and
churches are to equip, but it is every Christian’s commission to make disciples “as you
go.” All must preach who can say, “We have found the Christ.”

Evangelism overflows from abiding in Christ. Like iron beside a magnet, abiding in him
you become magnetic and draw men to Christ. How attractive is Christ in you? Are you
repairing broken walls in your home, neighborhood and spheres of influence? Let me
commend to you the pattern of Benjamin, Hasshub and Azariah who repaired, every
one, beside his own house.

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