30 Days of Devotions- Day 28

Matthew 28:18-20

By Wes Spring


I used to pray that God would place someone in my path that I would be able to share the gospel
message with. A good friend of mine and I were having that exact discussion one day. He suggested
that perhaps I was missing the point of the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20).As we continued our
conversation, it became clear to me that perhaps he was right. I was depending on God to place a
person whom I would feel comfortable sharing my faith based on my self-assessment of my personal
comfort and skill level.

God asks us to live our lives for Christ each and every day by our words and deeds. We each answer
that call in our own way. Some become evangelists, pastors, and mission field workers. Others answer
his call as volunteers in teaching Sunday school classes, elders, deacons, and small group leaders. The
majority of Christians seek full time employment and careers in the secular world. We are called to share
our faith and become role models for the Christian way of life by our actions and deeds as well as our
words and language.

As my friend pointed out illustrating the words from the hymn, “and they will know we are Christians by
our love,” God is not asking me to preach or to convince anyone, but to merely live my life in a way which
will be a positive influence on others. My career as a management consultant afforded me daily opportunities
in my interactions with clients to present the gospel just by my presence. As I taught leadership classes,
I began to engage the audience in stories which illustrated God’s grace and mercy. I prayed for the Holy
Spirit to give me the courage and strength to be bold as I assisted men and women in developing ways
to bring to out the best in their people.

When I look out my front door, I constantly see opportunities to live out the gospel. Someone needs a
kind word, a helping hand, encouraging smile or even a hug. I know that I am equipped already to speak
those words, lend that helping hand, providing that smile, and gladly give that hug. God made us in his
own image so be bold today and look out your front door. You will be blessed for it, I promise.