30 Days of Devotions- Day 21

Mark 16:15

By Rev. Heiko Burklin


“Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”” Mark 16:15

Tim Keller writes, “the book of Galatians is dynamite; it is an explosion of joy and freedom.” Why?
Because the essence of that brief Pauline letter is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the best
news ever and it is for everyone. It is revolutionary.

Our challenge is: how to get that message out to the people, friends, family members, neighbors.
What do I need to make that happen? Let’s think in 4 steps:

1. Experience the gospel myself: I need to be gospel-saturated, feeding off the Good News, living
in the flow of God’s grace, experiencing the Father-heart of God. Before I can even begin to think
about sharing the gospel, it needs to affect all of my being.

2. Know how to verbalize the gospel: I need to know the essence of the gospel, to be able to ex-
plain it succinctly and precisely. Many tools are available: the Roman Road, Evangelism Explosion,
4 Spiritual Laws, etc. Learn to use at least one. Make it your own.

3. Plan to share: think in terms of you being responsible for the neighbors living around you. God
has placed you in that spot for a reason that goes beyond convenience, school dis-trict zones,
property values, family connections, etc. Feel responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of your neigh-

4. Pray for opportunities: pray that the Lord of the harvest would provide divine appointments.