What is E3?

ONA has created this evangelism strategy. Our hope is that ARP churches would use this outline to ensure a full spectrum of evangelism is taking place in their church.  The E3 strategy is based on a conversation being started that leads someone to be given the chance to Embrace the simple gospel of Jesus.  After the Spirit leads them to Embrace the Gospel, the local church Equips them in their new walk with Christ and then they would Engage in local evangelistic and mission opportunities.

Moderator Phil Williams has designated September as “Evangelism Emphasis Month”.  It is our hope and prayer that all ARP churches would specifically emphasize evangelism during the month of September.  Below are links to suggestions of how this can be done week to week.

September Devotional

During September’s “Evangelism Emphasis Month” ONA will be distributing a daily devotional written by ARP pastors on different aspects of Evangelism. These devotionals will automatically go out to everyone signed up for our newsletter and prayer list, will be distributed on Facebook daily and there will be a PDF of the entire content for the month available right here on the website in August.

So if you are not already, make sure you sign up for the ONA Newsletter and remember to check back here if you would like to have access to the content in a printable form to distribute to your church, friends and family.

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