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ONA wants to help churches Dare to Dream

And for times when finances might be a hindrance to accomplishing this contextualization, ONA has implemented a Matching Grant Fund called Dare to Dream.

ONA will match $1 for every $3 of newly raised money (up to $15,000) to help organized congregations enact strategies to contextualize their ministry to their community for Christ.

What is Church Vitality?

Vitality is related to life, health, and energy. Church vitality is church health. One measure of church vitality is increasing ministry capacity over time.  Ministry capacity is a reflection of both the quality of ministry and the quantity of ministry being done through the church.

Revitalization, or renewal, is needed to maintain church vitality. As a result of living in a fallen world, vitality tends to decrease over time.  But as vitality decreases, the severity of the remedy required to restore vitality increases.

Revitalization is much more accessible from a position of strength than from a position of weakness, especially when a moderate revitalization treatment is appropriate.  So why don’t churches turn to revitalization sooner rather than later?  It’s because church leaders are reluctant to tamper with ministry that’s working, choosing to rest on their laurels rather that fix what’s not broken.  However, preemptive revitalization makes the most sense and creates the greatest ministry impact.


Church Lifecycle.

The lifecycle of a church is something we have seen and come to understand after years of study and observation.

Phases of Revitalization.

ONA can help you revitalize your congregation to become a more energetic and evangelical group of individuals actively seeking community.

Dr. Ken Priddy provides training and consulting in church renewal through on-site events, online seminars, and ongoing phone and email consultation.
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